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I'm Jessica, but you can be cool and call me momo like everyone else. Other handles I terrorize the internet with include michi, miyashu, or if you're real old school, ash ^-^.
I enjoy foreign things, literature and art. Lately I’ve been working on an original fantasy fiction along with its concept art. I’m serious about getting it published. In the future I'd love to do some work as a character and/or creature designer.
Despite my soft and timid exterior, I’m actually a fiery and sexual person. I get moody, competitive and horny like a typical Aries.
Contact: myspace, xanga, livejournal
NOTE: Please don't add me on myspace unless you intend to have a long-term friendship with me.
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January 2 2008, 6:28 PM

I'm just a LITTLE irritated.

It's dumb; I don't want to say it......

Don't yoink my ideas to fit your own layouts.

It's good to be inspired by something you like. Example: I'm inspired by the works of Jacob Lawrence (colorful, abstract, simple). But I don't yoink his exact ideas, I twist it around, play with it and make it my own.

It's not good when people comment your shit and tell you 'hey this looks like _____ made it." Unless they use the name Picasso. Then it's a compliment.

I'm not saying exactly what I want, because my brain is freaking fried. I have so much on my mind that..everything's just....well, it's like Katamari Damacy. Thoughts just stick to one another and keep rolling on forever.

I need to let this go and just keep doing what I love. You'll see more layouts from me soon :)


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