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I'm Jessica, but you can be cool and call me momo like everyone else. Other handles I terrorize the internet with include michi, miyashu, or if you're real old school, ash ^-^.
I enjoy foreign things, literature and art. Lately I’ve been working on an original fantasy fiction along with its concept art. I’m serious about getting it published. In the future I'd love to do some work as a character and/or creature designer.
Despite my soft and timid exterior, I’m actually a fiery and sexual person. I get moody, competitive and horny like a typical Aries.
Contact: myspace, xanga, livejournal
NOTE: Please don't add me on myspace unless you intend to have a long-term friendship with me.
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Hey, I was wondering if I could use the code you have on your xanga layout. The one that changes the first letter of the date?

Also, I was reading your entries there, and I was laughing my ass off at the Megibon entry. That was too much, and way too funny.

Posted by lovefiend on Aug 27, 09 11:06 am
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